Investigacion Clinica, Volume (60), No (3), Year (2019-4) , Pages (118-129)

Title : ( A Healthy Approach to the Urban Environment of Kurdish Cities in Iran )

Authors: Barat Ali Khakpoor , Akbar Heydari Tashekaboud , Majid Ebrahimi ,

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The main theme of any geographical analysis is to emphasize on the space and its environmental concepts. Therefore, any change in the relationship between humans and the urban environment can be considered as the final product of the human desire to change the settlement areas in order to overcome the environmental and spatial nature of the city. On this basis, the present study attempts to analysis the spatial transformations in the urban environment scale by utilizing the natural step foresight approach in the context of urban environment indicators. To obtain this goal, the methods applied herein included descriptive- analytical studies, document and questionnaire in the frame of Delphi model and software analyzes. Initial discussions were held with 50 academic elites and executives in Saqqez city as the statistical population, followed by the identification of 78 variables in the frame of 16 general classifications. The results showed that the obtained fill rate was equal to 95.79% with two data iterations, which represented the highest level of variables influencing each other. According to the findings, the integrated urban environmental management index -ME4- with 188 scores had uppermost direct impact on other variables. Moreover, the index of development and promotion of urban recycling regulations with 5,585,944 calculated raw values presented the most indirect impact on other variables. Finally, the use of SMIC resulted in favorable, intermediate, and catastrophic scenarios by considering the identified key driving forces.


, Spatial analysis, Urban environment, Future studies, Scenario planning.
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