Caspian Journal of Environmental Sciences, Volume (16), No (3), Year (2019-7) , Pages (241-248)

Title : ( Radon transfer from water to milk )

Authors: mansoureh mansourbahmany , Seyed Alireza Vakili , Mohsen Danesh Mesgaran , M.R Rezaie Rayeni , E Rezvan Nejhad ,

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Radon, as naturally occurring radioactive gas, is responsible for 50% of the total background radiations in human. Radon gas is able to enter to human body through eating and drinking. So , measurement of received radiation in the human body is essential. In this study, the presence of radon in milk and its dose was examined . This experiment was conducted using 12 Rayeni goats which have been categorized in a completely randomized design by 4 treatments and 3 replication (Treatment A = Radon - containing water + zero antioxidant, Treatment B = Radon - containing water + antioxida nt, Treatment C = healthy water + antioxidant, Treatment D = healthy water+ zero antioxidant). The experiment was prolonged for 60 days . D uring the experiment the goats were milked every day . The samples were transferred to laboratory to determine the milk compounds and properties, as well as to measure its radon level . Presence of radon in milk was detected using Rad7 device. The average d radon concentration in milk samples (for treatment s A and B) receiving radon was about 126 Bq m - 3 . There was no signifi cant difference between p rotein . But there was a significant difference between the percentages of fat, lactose, total antioxidant capacity and the number of somatic cells . R adon did not change p H and Malondialdehyde contents of the treatments. We also determined annual received radon dose per person from drinking milk . It was different among age groups . Newborns were at higher risk of internal radon exposure from contaminated milk . Radon can enter the livestock milk . According to our finding s , with, this radon amount in milk was not higher than the allowable level in valid resources for human health.


, Radon, Milk, Antioxidant, Effective Dose
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