Scientia Iranica, ( ISI ), Volume (26), No (4), Year (2019-5) , Pages (2258-2275)

Title : ( A new higher-order strain-based plane element )

Authors: Mohaamad Rezaiee Pajand , Nima Gharaei Moghaddam , mohammad reza ramezani ,

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A new higher-order triangular plane element with drilling degrees of freedom is proposed by assumption of second-order strain field. In addition to inclusion of drilling degrees of freedom and utilization of higher-order assumes strains, satisfaction of equilibrium equations improves performance of the suggested element in comparison with many of the other available elements. After proposition of the new element, a series of benchmark problems are solved to evaluate performance of the suggested element. Accuracy and efficiency of the suggested element is compared with other strain-based plane elements. Detailed discussions are offered after each benchmark problem. Finally, based on the attained results, a final conclusion about characteristics of robust membrane elements is made.


, Strain-based formulation; second-order strain field, equilibrium condition, numerical evaluation, drilling degrees of freedom
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