Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, Volume (8), No (3), Year (2018-8) , Pages (231-249)

Title : ( Interface between competition law and intellectual property licences in Iran )

Authors: Sayyed Mohammad Hadi Ghabooli Dorafshan ,

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The need to maintain competitive environment in the market prevents intellectual property owners from committing anti competitive conducts. Such conducts, whether unilateral or bilateral, have been prohibited by Iranian law. The core Iranian antitrust rules of relevance to intellectual property licenses are, essentially, based on articles 101 and 102 the treaty on the functioning of the European Union. Hence, the need to review these rules in addition to articles 1 and 2 the Sherman Act in the United States, as the leading country in regulating competition. Given the religious nature of Iranian law, it is necessary to study the opinions stated by Imiamia jurists in order to interpret the Iranian competition rules and find solutions where they are silent. The same is true for Iranian general rules on contracts. The results of this article show that the Iranian competition rules regulating intellectual property licenses have strengths such as being updated and weaknesses for example in being too severe which must be taken into consideration in their probable revision by the Iranian legislator.


, Keywords: competition, intellectual property license, restrictive clauses, Iranian law
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