Transition Metal Chemistry, ( ISI ), Volume (44), No (6), Year (2019-9) , Pages (525-534)

Title : ( Synthesis and X-ray crystal structures of some isothiosemicarbazone complexes )

Authors: Reza Takjoo , seyed mojtaba mashmoul moghadam , H. Amiri Rudbari , G. Bruno ,

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Here we report synthesis of four complexes with a new isothiosemicarbazone ligand. The objective of the present work is to explore the influence of piperazine in coordination and structural direction. In this regard, piperazine accompanied by the isothiosemicarbazone ligand and Ni, Mn, U, and Mo metal centers are reacted to synthesized the new compounds, μ2-pip-(NiL)2 (1), MnL2 (2), UO2L(BrSal)BuOH (3), and )μ2-MoO2L)2 (4) (H2L: 2-hydroxyacetophenone S-allyl isothiosemicarbazone.hydrobromide, BrSal: 5-bromosalicylaldehyde, pip: piperazine). All compounds are characterized by X-ray crystallography, IR and elemental analyses. The crystallography data show a square planar coordination geometry for 1 as binuclear complex where both Ni ion are coordinated to the phenolic-O, azomethine-N and thioamide–N atoms and the bridge piperazine occupy the fourth position. For 2, the Mn atom connects to two N2O tridentate ligand as a distorted octahedron. Pentagonal bipyramidal geometry of 3 is made by coordination of the tetradentate N2O2 ligand, butanol, and two oxido group to the uranium center. Finally, binuclear complex of Mo (4) forms by connection of two N2O ligand to each molybdenyl center and binding of each Mo atom to phenoxide-O donor of the adjacent molecule.


, isothiosemicarbazone, Schiff base, N2O donor, N2O2 donor, crystal structure
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