Mathematics Interdisciplinary Research, Volume (3), No (1), Year (2018-6) , Pages (55-65)

Title : ( Some Applications of Strong Product )

Authors: Mostafa Tavakoli , Freydoon Rahbarnia , Irandokht Rezaee Abdolhosseinzadeh ,

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Let G and H be two graphs. The strong product G H of the graphs G and H is the graph with vertex set V (G) V (H), and u = (u1; v1) is adjacent with v = (u2; v2) whenever (v1 = v2 and u1 is adjacent with u2) or (u1 = u2 and v1 is adjacent with v2) or (u1 is adjacent with u2 and v1 is adjacent with v2). In this paper, some applications of this product are presented. Finally, we pose one open problem related to this topic.


, Strong product, graph invariant, fence graph.
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