Journal of Energy Resources Technology-ASME, ( ISI ), Volume (142), No (1), Year (2019-9)

Title : ( Nondimensional Parameters’ Effects on Hybrid Darrieus–Savonius Wind Turbine Performance )

Authors: armin roshan , amir sagharichi , Mohammad Javad Maghrebi ,

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Vertical axial wind turbines are the most commonly used turbines in residential and urban areas. This paper investigates the effect of combining Darrieus and Savonius wind turbines on power output and introduces a wind turbine with high starting torque addition to the wide working domain. A two-dimensional computational fluid dynamics transient simulation is developed, and a moving mesh is implemented for rotating moving parts. Comprehensive research has been carried out to investigate the effects of the initial overlap ratio (ɛ), arc angle Ø, and curvature (α) of Savonius blades on the performance of the turbine and 18 models are simulated at seven tip speed ratios. The results showed that combining the Darrieus turbine with the Savonius turbine has a favorable effect on self-starting performance. Also, it was observed that by changing each of the parameters, the primary model performance could be significantly improved. Finally, it is concluded that ɛ = 0.25, α = 0.25, and ∅ = 150 deg are the optimum values of the parameters which increase turbine power output compared to conventional vertical-axis turbines.


, hybrid wind turbine, self-starting, computational fluid dynamics, arc angle, performance improvement, renewable energy
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