The 5th International Congress of Large Animal Practitioners (ICLAP 2019) , 2019-01-24

Title : ( Common carpal joint injuries in racehorses )

Authors: Samaneh Ghasemi , Kamran Sardari ,

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Objective:This article focuses on intraarticular fracturesas the most common carpal joint injuries in racehorses, describes the pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis,treatment,and prognosis of these injuries in carpal joint. Definition of the problem: The carpus is a complex joint of equine forelimbs composed of three main joints and multiple cuboidal bones are arranged in two rows. Carpal joint injuries in racehorses are major causes of lameness. This joint is susceptible to trauma which can lead to intraarticular fractures or osteochondral fragments. This condition occurs withhigh incidence in the carpal joint. The etiology of carpal osteochondral fragments is related to many factors.These injuries are commonly associated with recurrent loading of bones and repetitive impact trauma during training or racing and in some cases caused by acute injuries. Osteochondral fragments occur most frequently inthe radial carpal, third carpal, intermediate carpal bones and, distal radius. These lesionsmay remain partially attached or completely detached and cause degenerative joint disease. Clinical signs in affected horses,includevarious degrees oflameness, pain, joint effusionand, reduced performance.Diagnosis is performed based on the symptoms, clinical examinations, response to intraarticular anesthesia and, diagnostic imaging techniques. Take-home messages: The earlier diagnosis and treatment of carpal Intraarticular fracturesare very important because delay in treatment can lead to subsequent osteoarthritis, decreased performance and earlyretirementof equine athletes. Arthroscopic surgery for removal or stabilization of fragments is the best method for treatment that restoresthe stability of joint. Although the prognosis for osteochondral fragments of carpal joint depends on many factors such as the type of fracture, breed, age and, the pervious horse performance but the extent ofarticular cartilage damage is the most important factor. So early management of intraarticular fractures of carpal joint should be considered to optimize the chances of horse for return to athletic potential.


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