Sezione Evolving Philosophy, Volume (7), No (1), Year (2020-1) , Pages (91-100)

Title : ( Principality reflected in the Illuminative System of Philosophy )

Authors: seyed sajad sadatizadeh , Sayyed mortaza Hosseini , Abdoallah Niksirat ,

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The historical course of the question of \\\"principality\\\" is associated with the distortions whose exact study helps clarify some of them. Suhrawardi is one of the philosophers who have been said to follow the principality of quiddity. The main purpose of this article is to examine the subject of principality. The current view holds Suhrawardi believes in the principality of quiddity, but in fact this is a common misconception. For Suhrawardi sees the absolute concept of quiddity and existence as mentally posited, but he sees true the existent quiddity that is real in the world. However, at that time there was no discussion of principality, and what was raised by him was the importance of the concept of light, as opposed to the concept of darkness. He defines light as the manifested by itself and what manifests something else, so he has placed light on the foundation of the universe. It is better to say that he has an luminous, intuitive look and these issues are principal in the philosophical system of illumination and the system of thought of Suhrawardi.


, light, existence, quiddity, principality, consideration, Suhrawardi
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