Multimedia Tools and Applications, Volume (78), No (14), Year (2019-7) , Pages (19061-19080)

Title : ( Salient object detection using the phase information and object model )

Authors: Hooman Afsharirad , Seyed Alireza Seyedin ,

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One of the most important features of saliency detection algorithms is to reduce the size of processing data for algorithms with higher processing size such as object detection algorithms. A main condition for algorithms of saliency detection to be used in detecting the object in the image is their low processing size and broadness of the application extent while having acceptable precision. In this article we introduce a Salient Object Detection method using Task Simulation (SOD-TS). This method has a low processing size and wide functional domain using task simulation (object model). Our proposed method has a wide range of application including ship detection, words and letter detection in texts, etc. Relying on the task simulation (object model), SOD-TS method detects the salient object which is the best response to the current task. It uses the information of the frequency domain.


, Needed regions saliency, Fourier transform (FT) phase, Salient regions detection, Object detection
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