Inorganica Chimica Acta, ( ISI ), Volume (523), No (523), Year (2021-4) , Pages (120410-120410)

Title : ( Noble metals in polyoxometalates )

Authors: mortaza tahmasebi heydarabad , Masoud Mirzaei Shahrabi , Antonio Frontera ,

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Noble metals have a significant presence in various structures in POMs chemistry. They participate in the POM structures primarily as heteroatoms, i.e., as substituted atoms, instead of as primary addenda atoms. In the last two decades, their participation in the structure of POMs, in which, they act as wholly addenda atoms, led to the generation of a new family of POMs referred to as the polyoxo-noble-metalates. Their structural diversity in terms of shape, number of adjoining atoms, variety of atoms located in the central cavity of structure, and diversity of heterogroups are given in this review. Since the noble metals have good catalytic properties, the importance of synthesizing POMs based on these metals and, in particular, investigations into their catalytic activity have increased over the past decade, as brought to light in this review.


, Polyoxometalates Noble metals Polyoxo, noble, metalates Heterogeneous catalysis
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