the second International conference on Rosa damascena , 2019-11-13

Title : ( Impact of Climate Change on Medicinal Plants Marketing )

Authors: Mohammad Hossain Karim , Ali Reza Karbasi , Seyed hossein Mohammadzadeh ,

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Experiences of last decades show that emphasis of economy on income of single product same as petroleum selling results in instability of export income. Orientation of export policies may be changed for exporting of non-oil goods including export of agricultural products to decrease dependence of Iran economy to export of petroleum and moving toward goals of resistance economy policy. Iran and some agricultural oriented countries are the main objective of this study in medicinal plants marketing. Among agricultural products, herbs are the most important export items of agriculture which have great portion in creating added value in this sector and making foreign exchange. Study of statistics and previous years\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' time series information shows that export of these products has not suitable situation despite good rank of Iran in production and cultivation of herbs, although India had an acceptable and good rank same as IT and Tourism industry progress. This research is going to study position of Iran and India in global market of herbs emphasizing on damask rose and its comparison with various countries. Although recent years drought and contraband occurrence have result in fluctuation of production but expert views to chain of production to export cause increase of production and export. The most important challenges of herbs commerce and becoming undesirability of Iran position in foreign market of herbs are lack of technical knowledge in export, weakness of foreign marketing, weak support of government, high expenses of standardizing products for export, lack of cooperation between export trade unions and agencies in herb industry and their negative competition, incorrect recognition of aiming market, lack of having trade mark for many export items of herbs, political risks and decrease of bargaining power of foreign trade sector in foreign markets. Finally, four strategies based on target countries study are provided for Herbs Global market improvement.


, Medicinal Plants, Export, Strategies, Market, Global
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%T Impact of Climate Change on Medicinal Plants Marketing
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