Inorganic Chemistry, ( ISI ), Volume (60), No (3), Year (2020-12) , Pages (1-8)

Title : ( Polyoxometalate-Based Frameworks as Adsorbents for Drug of Abuse Extraction from Hair Samples )

Authors: Shadi Derakhshanrad , Masoud Mirzaei Shahrabi , Carsten Streb , Amirhassan Amiri , Chris Ritchie ,

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The linkage of molecular components into functional heterogeneous framework materials has revolutionized modern materials chemistry. Here, we use this principle to design polyoxometalate-based frameworks as high affinity adsorbents for drugs of abuse, leading to their application in solid-phase extraction analysis. The frameworks are assembled by the reaction of the Keggin polyanion [SiW12O40]4− with lanthanoids Dy(III), La(III), Nd(III), and Sm(III) and the multidentate linking ligand 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dicarboxylic acid (H2PDA). Their reaction leads to the formation of crystalline 1D coordination polymers. Due to the charge mismatch between the lanthanoids (+3) and the dodecasilicotungstate (-4), we observe incorporation of the PDA2− ligands into crystalline materials, leading to four hybrid compounds where Keggin heteropolyanions are linked by cationic {Lnn(PDA)n} groups (Ln = Dy (1), La (2), Nd (3), and Sm (4)). Structural analysis of the compounds suggested that they might be suitable for surface binding of common drugs of abuse via supramolecular interactions. To this end, the compounds were used for the extraction and quantitative determination of four model drugs of abuse (amphetamine, methamphetamine, codeine, and morphine) using micro solid-phase extraction (D-μSPE) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The compounds showed wide linear ranges, low limits of detection (0.1-0.3 ng mL−1) high precision, and satisfactory spiked recoveries. Our results demonstrate that polyoxometalate-based frameworks are suitable sorbents in D-μSPE for molecules containing amine functionalities. The modular design of these networks could in the future be used to expand and tune their substrate binding behavior.


Polyoxometalate; Frameworks; Adsorbents; Drug of abuse extraction; Hair
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