Harvard Papers in Botany, Volume (19), No (1), Year (2014-6) , Pages (53-71)

Title : ( Systematics, Tribal Placements, and Synopses of theMalcolmiaS.L. Segregates (Brassicaceae) )

Authors: ihsan a. al-shehbaz , DmitRy a. GeRman , Klaus mummenhoff , Hamid Moazzeni ,

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The Malcolmia s.l. complex was so broadly delimited that it included at least five genera in four tribes. As delimited herein, it includes Malcolmia s.str. (12 taxa, 6 spp.) of the tribe Malcolmieae, Maresia (5 spp.) and the new genus Marcus-Kochia (4 spp.) of the tribe Anastaticeae, Strigosella (23 spp.) of the tribe Euclidieae, and Zuvanda (3 spp.) of the tribe Conringieae. The new combinations M.-K. arenaria, M.-K. littorea, M.-K. ramosissima, and M.-K. triloba are proposed. Detailed generic descriptions, key to genera and their species, and data on type collections of all recognized taxa are provided. Second-step lectotypes are designated keys for Strigosella hispida, S. scorpioides, and Zuvanda meyeri. All taxa previously placed in Malcolmia are listed, and their current tribal, generic, and species assignments are given.


, Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, Malcolmia, Marcus-Kochia, Maresia, Strigosella, Zuvanda
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