Library Hi Tech, ( ISI ), Volume (40), No (1), Year (2020-12) , Pages (265-280)

Title : ( Users' perception of navigating bibliographic families from IFLA-LRM perspective )

Authors: Sholeh Arastoopoor ,

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Purpose: This paper focuses on navigating bibliographic families not only when a user has no specific document in mind but also it wants to find out if there is a pattern regarding the way users view the bibliographic family with a specific predefined need in their mind. Methodology: To this end the Epic of Kings was selected as a test-bed for the study and both situations were studied based on IFLA-LRM; but the potential users (participants of this study) were not directly exposed to the entities of the model. Card sorting, interview and distributing questionnaire constituted the data gathering process. Findings: Almost all of the participants in this study, when they had no specific resource in mind, generated a top-down view of the family and in this view all of them disregarded the Item entity and lots of them disregarded the Manifestations also. Yet on the other side when they were asked to assume themselves in certain situations (in need of a specific Work with a predefined Expression and Format) they viewed the bibliographic family from a bottom-up approach. Originality: Most of the studies in this area regard the navigation process of users as a top-down approach and they also regard the FRBR family as a model suitable for hierarchical top-down visualization of bibliographic families. Yet this study poses the bottom-up approach of users regarding the family.


, users’ view, users’ navigation, bibliographic families, IFLA-LRM, Epic of Kings,
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