Thin-Walled Structures, ( ISI ), Volume (146), Year (2020-1) , Pages (106424-16)

Title : ( Isogeometric-based cross-sectional analysis of pre-twisted composite beams )

Authors: Esmaeel Ghafari , Jalil Rezaee Pazhand ,

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This paper is intended to investigate the static behavior of pre-twisted composite beams using an isogeometric based cross-sectional analysis. The three-dimensional pre-twisted beam problem is decomposed into a two dimensional cross-sectional analysis and a one-dimensional beam model. The cross-sectional analysis obtains stiffness constants by considering three-dimensional warping deformation effects. The influence of pre-twist ratio is investigated on the stiffness constants and one-dimensional deformations of isotropic beams, composite strips and box-beams. Inconsistencies in results of pre-twisted composite beam theories in the literature are addressed and discussed. The present method eliminates the costly use of three-dimensional finite element analysis in the initial design steps.


, Dimensional reduction method Beam cross, sectional analysis Isogeometric analysis Pre, twist Composite box, beams
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