International Journal of Theoretical Physics, ( ISI ), Volume (59), No (12), Year (2020-12) , Pages (3804-3820)

Title : ( Optimized Quantum Circuit Partitioning )

Authors: Omid Daei , Keivan Navi , Mariam Zomorodi-Moghadam ,

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The main objective of this paper is to improve the communication cost in distributed quantum circuits. To this end, we present a method for generating distributed quantum circuits from monolithic quantum circuits in such a way that communication between partitions of a distributed quantum circuit is minimized. Thus, the communication between distributed components is performed at a lower cost. Compared to the existing works, our approach can effectively map a quantum circuit into an appropriate number of distributed components. Since teleportation is usually the protocol used to connect components in a distributed quantum circuit, our approach ultimately reduces the number of teleportations. The results of applying our approach to the benchmark quantum circuits determine its effectiveness and show that partitioning is a necessary step in constructing distributed quantum circuit.


, Distributed Quantum Circuits, Teleportation, Communication Cost
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