Journal of Statistical Sciences, دوره (14), شماره (2), سال (2021-2)

عنوان : ( Inaccuracy Measure Based on Survival Copula )

نویسندگان: جعفر احمدی ,

بر اساس تصمیم نویسنده مقاله دسترسی به متن کامل برای اعضای غیر دانشگاه ممکن نیست

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In this paper, using the idea of inaccuracy measure in the information theory, the residual and past inaccuracy measures in the bivariate case are defined based on copula functions. Under the assumption of radial symmetry, the equality of these two criteria is shown, also by the equality between these two criteria, radially symmetrical models are characterized. A useful bound is provided by establishing proportional (inverse) hazard rate models for marginal distributions. Also, the proportional hazard rate model in bivariate mode is characterized by assuming proportionality between the introduced inaccuracy and its corresponding entropy. In addition, orthant orders are used to obtain inequalities. To illustrate the results, some examples and simulations are presented.

کلمات کلیدی

, Copula, Entropy, Inaccuracy Measure, Orthant Orders, Proportional (Inverse) Hazard Rate Models, Radially Symmetric.
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