Tunisie Medicale, Volume (99), No (2), Year (2021-2) , Pages (252-258)

Title : ( Experience of cold-water immersion on recovery efficiency after soccer match )

Authors: babak mostafafarkhani , Mohammad Mosaferi Ziaaldini , Seyyed Reza Attarzadeh Hosseini ,

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Background: immersion in cold-water is one of the most common recovery and rehabilitation techniques among athletes. However, several factors such as shocking induced by cold water can affect the effectiveness of this technique. Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of 4 weeks cold water habituation on the effectiveness of CWI recovery technique on muscle damage and function indices of young soccer players. Methods: Twenty young men with no previous experience of CWI participated in this study. Output power and RSADec of subjects were measured. The subjects then performed a simulated soccer test and, after collecting blood samples, were immediately immersed in 15 ° C water for 15 minutes. Twenty-four hours later blood sampling and functional tests were repeated. Subjects then were divided randomly into two groups of exercise with CWI recovery and exercise with passive recovery. After four weeks, the blood sampling and performance tests repeated like the pre-test. Results: The CWI had no significant effect on serum levels of AST and LDH before and after 4 weeks of CWI (P> 0.05). Also, there was no significant difference in power output and RSADec after CWI before and after cold water habituation (P> 0.05). Conclusions: It seems that the experience of recovering by immersion in cold-water has no effect on the effectiveness of this method. Therefore, soccer coaches and athletes should think more about using this recovery method.


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