Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Volume (65), No (5), Year (2021-5) , Pages (852-876)

Title : ( Water/climate nexus environmental rural-urban migration and coping strategies )

Authors: Ameneh Mianabadi , Kamran Davary , Mahdi Kolahi , Judith Fisher ,

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Rural-urban migration is a challenging issue for communities, and is influenced by interactions between numerous pull and push factors. These factors are vary for different regions, often influenced by environmental, economic, social or cultural conditions. To better understand the interacting drivers of rural-urban migration, the study investigates the factors which influence migration from rural areas in Sistan to Mashhad city in Iran. The investigation was conducted using questionnaires and deep interviews. The results show that the main reason for migration from Sistan to Mashhad is environmental degradation including drought and water scarcity (22%), followed by economic and operational factors (both 21%). However, some people stay in Sistan in spite of current unpleasant environmental and economic conditions. The results showed that cultural (25%) and social factors (22%) are the main reasons for people to remain in their villages. To deal with rural-urban migration interviewees suggested some local-based and practical coping strategies for both the origin and destination, such as local governance, engaging people in managing the issue, promoting sustainable development, and homogeneity in the provision of services and facilities. Since the issue and the conditions could be more challenging under future global warming, adaptive participatory governance is needed to link local people, authorities, policymakers, scientists, and the land.


, Environmental Migration, Land Degradation, Adaptive Co-Management, Resilience
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