Journal of Molecular Liquids, ( ISI ), Volume (335), Year (2021-4)

Title : ( Magnetized solvents: Characteristics and various applications )

Authors: Yahya Absalan , Mostafa Gholizadeh , Hyoung Jin Choi ,

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We reviewed the application of magnetized solvents in a wide range of fields, including chemistry, concrete, brick, agriculture, livestock and poultry, extraction of oil and its derivatives, automobile, and medicine. In addition, we reanalyze the Zeeman effect for the first time since solvents are able to retain and transfer the properties obtained through magnetization even after they are no longer exposed to the magnetic source. These properties are retained for several days even after exposure to high temperatures. These claims strongly suggest that magnetized solvents can include polar and non-polar solvents, not being limited to just water.


Zeeman effectMagnetized solventMagnetized water
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