Physica Scripta, Volume (96), No (7), Year (2021-7) , Pages (75501-75501)

Title : ( Bi-state switch based on two-dimensional guided-mode resonance )

Authors: Atefe Taheri , Mehrdad Shokooh-Saremi ,

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In this paper, a bi-state (on/off) switch is proposed utilizing a two-dimensional, all-dielectric periodic guided-mode resonance (GMR) structure. Employing a conceptual MEMS mechanism, switching is performed by modifying the Fourier series coefficients of the refractive index distribution. This switch operates in the visible region. In the ‘on’ state, the switch exhibits a narrow linewidth reflection resonance at λ=541 nm; this resonance disappears in the ‘off’ state. In fact, in the ‘off’ state, the condition for supporting a GMR is lost. This element exhibits a reversible switching action and can be a potential candidate for narrowband optical switches, light modulators, and laser systems.


, Guided-mode resonance, optical switches, diffraction gratings, bi-state switch.
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