Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, Volume (1), No (4), Year (2021-7) , Pages (223-242)

Title : ( Anisotropy in Metal-Organic Framework Thin Films )

Authors: zahra rahmati , Ruhollah Khajavian , Masoud Mirzaei Shahrabi ,

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MOF thin films are a gigantic category of porous materials composed of organic ligands coordinated to the metallic ions. The generation of specifically oriented MOF thin films has drawn great attention. Governing the direction of porous materials in molecular scale by means of host– guest approach affords pores that fit the guest species aligned along the desired direction, through which high-performance mechanical, thermal, electronic, photonic and biomedical organic devices could be developed. Anisotropic properties are an amazing attribute of MOFs, Focusing attention on which provides smart structures such as membranes, sensors, and optoelectronic devices. In this highlight, we discuss anisotropic physical properties of MOF thin films and investigate the prominent specific features obtained for the oriented thin films in various directions.


, Anisotropy; Metal, Organic Frameworks; Thin Films; Membrane, based gas separation; Electronic devices.
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