International Conference On Applied Exercise and Sience , 2021-03-12

Title : ( Diabetes AND Sport )

Authors: Nahid Bijeh , SARA GHOLAMI AVVAL ,

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Diabetes has been considered as one of the most alarming complications faced by the health care systems throughout the world in the twentieth century (1). Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is associated with metabolic dysregulation and chronic inflammation, and regular exercise may provide a strong stimulus for improving both (2). The mechanisms underlying insulin resistance have been extensively investigated during the last decades (3). Defects in insulin signaling have been shown in muscle and other tissues. According to researchers, exercise activities have the following three influences on the body: an increase in transporting of glucose to the muscles, an increase in insulin performance on the involved muscles, and positive adjustment in message paths stimulated by the insulin. These three together will cause an improvement in the glucose conditions in the body. Besides, a sports activity acts as a pseudo insulin activity by reducing the intercellular fat reservoir, increasing fat oxidation, and protein expression (AKT) will lead to an increase in muscle capacity and regulate the amount of glucose in circulation. Also, an increase in oxide nitric (NO) production, a decrease in oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines, and an increase in the capacity and antioxidation enzymes due to the exercise adaptation can lead to an improvement in insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic people (4)s. In this study, we will investigate the effects of physical activity and exercise on some indicators of diabetic patients


, diabet, sport
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