Journal of the Iranian Statistical Society, Volume (20), No (1), Year (2021-6) , Pages (289-306)

Title : ( Matrix-Variate Beta Generator - Developments and Application )

Authors: Janet van Niekerk , Andriette Bekker , Mohammad Arashi ,

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Matrix-variate beta distributions are applied in different fields of hypothesis testing, multivariate correlation analysis, zero regression, canonical correlation analysis and etc. A methodology is proposed to generate matrix-variate beta generator distributions by combining the matrix-variate beta kernel with an unknown function of the trace operator. Several statistical characteristics, extensions and developments are presented. Special members are then used in a univariate and multivariate Bayesian analysis setting. These models are fitted to simulated and real datasets, and their fitting and performance are compared to well-established competitors.


, Bayesian Analysis, Binomial, Eigenvalues, Gaussian Sample, Gibbs Sampling, Matrix-Variate Beta
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