Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, ( ISI ), Volume (69), No (2), Year (2021-10) , Pages (275-289)

Title : ( Screening lentil (Lens culinarisMedik.) genotypes for fall sowing and low temperature tolerance )

Authors: Jafar Nabati , Seyedeh Mahboube Mirmiran , Ahmad Nezami , Mohammad Javad Ahmadi-Lahijani , Elaheh Boroumand Rezazadeh ,

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Lentil is often exposed to drought stress during the reproductive phase in arid and semi-arid regions. Shifting the sowing date of lentil plants from spring to fall prevents the reproductive phase from exposure to drought stress. Nevertheless, winter frosts limit lentil productivity in the fall sowing. Twenty lentil genotypes were studied in two locations (Mashhad and Jolgeh Rokh, Iran) during 2018-2019. The results showed a 100% survival in all genotypes in Mashhad due to the lack of extreme cold. While the temperature of -12.4°C in Jolgeh-Rokh in February resulted in variable plant survival rates; the highest survival rates were observed in MLC103 (45.2%). In Mashhad, plant height and the number of lateral branches of genotypes were ~15 and 52%, respectively, greater than those in Jolgeh-Rokh. The greatest biological and grain yield was observed in MLC33 and MLC70, respectively, in Mashhad and Jolgeh-Rokh. However, none of the genotypes could produce more than 1000 kg.ha1 grain yield, which might be due to the Ascochyta blight disease in Mashhad and extreme cold in Jolgeh-Rokh. Cluster grouping showed that the MLC409 and MLC70 were selected in cold regions, while the MLC33, MLC47, MLC409, and MLC454 were recommended for temperate climates.


, Cold tolerance, Cluster analysis, Genetic diversity, Mechanized harvesting, Survival rate.
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