Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics, Volume (18), No (6), Year (2021-10)

Title : ( On Baer’s Theorem and Its Generalizations )

Authors: Yasaman Taghavi , Saeed Kayvanfar , Mohsen Parvizi ,

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A well known theorem of R. Baer states that if G is a group and G/Z n (G) is finite, then γ n+1 (G) is finite. In this article, we extend this theorem for groups G that have subgroups A of Aut(G) such that A/Inn(G) is finitely generated or is of finite special rank. Furthermore, some new upper bounds for |γ n+1 (G)| and |γ n+1 (G, A)| are presented.


, Schur’s theorem, Baer’s theorem, hypercenter, nilpotent group.
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