Quantum Information Processing, Volume (20), No (8), Year (2021-8)

Title : ( A general protocol for distributed quantum gates )

Authors: Moein Sarvaghad Moghaddam , Mariam Zomorodi-Moghadam ,

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In distributed quantum computation, quantum remote-controlled gates are used frequently and applied on separate nodes or subsystems of a network. One of the universal and well-known controlled gates is the n-qubit controlled-NOT gate, especially Toffoli gate for the case of three qubits, which are frequently used to synthesize quantum circuits. In this paper, we considered a more general case, an n-qubit controlled-U gate, and present a general protocol for implementing these gates remotely with minimum required resources. Then, the proposed method is applied to implement a Toffoli gate in bipartite and tripartite systems. In this method, we considered cases in which a group of qubits belongs to one subsystem of the network. Then, we improved its consumption resources.


Distributed quantum computing · Teleportation · Tofoli gate
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