Journal of Food Process Engineering, ( ISI ), Volume (45), No (4), Year (2022-3)

Title : ( Numerical analysis of vacuum drying of a porous body in the integrated domain )

Authors: milad amiri , Mohammad Bagher Ayani , Pawel Ziolkoweski , Dariusz Mikielewicz ,

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In the present study, the vacuum drying process of an apple slice is numerically modeled based on a control volume method. Transient two-dimensional Navier– Stokes, energy, moisture, and Luikov equations are solved by numerical coding (Fortran) to simulate the simultaneous heat and mass transfer in the ambient and apple slice, respectively. The privilege of using Luikov\\\'s model is that the capillary forces are considered, and a differentiation between air, vapor, liquid, and solid is made. Luikov described the two phenomena associated with the transport of air, vapor, and liquids through the porous media as molecular transport and molar transport. The ambient pressure linearly reduced within a minute until it reached a constant value. One of the intellectually demanding reoccupations among researchers is how to simulate the sample and its surroundings with high accuracy of boundary conditions, which enables to avoid the use of empirical transfer coefficients. This study can be scrutinized from various dimensions, among which nonuse of boundary condition between a porous sample and its surroundings is the most conspicuous novelty. Results showed that although at 50 s, isothermal and iso-moisture lines inside the sample are symmetric, they are not symmetric at 100, 200, and 400 s. In addition, at first minute, pump operation leads to vary the density of the isothermal and isomoisture lines around the sample, but at 100, 200, and 400 s, higher temperature and moisture gradients have been achieved at the right and top of the sample surface.


, Vaccine, Drying, Numerical Method, CFD
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