International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume (76), Year (2022-6) , Pages (103000-103015)

Title : ( Analyzing the impacts and experiences of children in disaster )

Authors: Tahereh Sadeghloo , Hossein Mikhak ,

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Disasters have numerous effects on children as one of the vulnerable groups in society. To this end, in this study, using the qualitative method of phenomenology and painting tool, we analyzed the experiences of children who encountered a flood disaster in Lorestan province in western Iran. The study was conducted through deep interviews with 34 children who experienced floods. Analysis of interviews with and paintings obtained from the studied children revealed that ten key experiences and effects from children’s flood experiences could be identified. The study’s findings revealed that children’s lived experiences of flood can provide a suitable opportunity for individual, social, economic, geographical, spatial, and environmental recognition, understanding, education, and preparedness of them as the future generation. Therefore, understanding children’s experiences of flood disasters and their effects can be beneficial not only for planning and managing hazards, but also for reducing the vulnerability of both the future generation and their children.


, Children, Disaster effects, Disaster experience, Flood disaster, Phenomenology
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