Physical Review D, ( ISI ), Volume (93), No (5), Year (2016-3)

Title : ( Scalar split WIMPs in future direct detection experiments )

Authors: Karim Ghorbani , Parsa Ghorbani ,

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We consider a simple renormalizable dark matter model consisting of two real scalars with a mass splitting δ, interacting with the SM particles through the Higgs portal. We find a viable parameter space respecting all the bounds imposed by invisible Higgs decay experiments at the LHC, the direct detection experiments by XENON100 and LUX, and the dark matter relic abundance provided by WMAP and Planck. Despite the singlet scalar dark matter model that is fragile against the future direct detection experiments, the scalar split model introduced here survives such forthcoming bounds. We emphasize the role of the coannihilation processes and the mixing effects in this feature. For m DM ∼ 63 GeV in this model we can explain as well the observed gamma-ray excess in the analyses of the Fermi-LAT data at Galactic latitudes 2° ≤ jbj ≤ 20° and Galactic longitudes jlj < 20°.


direct detection
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