Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, Volume (91), No (12), Year (2015-6)

Title : ( Two-portal dark matter )

Authors: Karim Ghorbani , Parsa Ghorbani ,

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We propose a renormalizable dark matter model in which a fermionic dark matter (DM) candidate communicates with the standard model particles through two distinct portals: Higgs and vector portals. The dark sector is charged under a Uð1Þ 0 gauge symmetry while the standard model has a leptophobic interaction with the dark vector boson. The leading contribution of the DM-nucleon elastic scattering cross section begins at one-loop level. The model meets all the constraints imposed by direct detection experiments provided by LUX and XENON100, observed relic abundance according to WMAP and Planck, and the invisible Higgs decay width measured at the LHC. It turns out that the dark matter mass in the viable parameter space can take values from a few GeVup to 1 TeV. This is a new feature which is absent in the models with only one portal. In addition, we can find in the constrained regions of the parameter space a DM mass of ∼34 GeV annihilating into b quark pair, which explains the Fermi-LAT gamma-ray excess.


Dark Matter
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