Life Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (305), Year (2022-9) , Pages (120759-120774)

Title : ( Inhibitory role of LINC00332 in gastric cancer progression through regulating cell EMT and stemness )

Authors: Negin Taghehchian , Reza Alemohammad , Moein Farshchian , Ahmad Asoodeh , Mohammad Reza Abbaszadega ,

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Objective Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the most common lethal malignancies worldwide. The molecular mechanisms underlying GC early detection are poorly understood. Identifying potential coding and non-coding markers and related pathways in the GC progression is essential. Some Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) reportedly play vital roles during gastric GC development. However, the clinical significance and biological function of LINC00332 in GC remain largely unclear. Methods The gene expression patterns of GC from an RNAseq dataset (GSE122401) were retrieved from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database to recognize differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and lncRNAs (DELs) between normal and GC samples through several bioinformatic analysis. The expression of LINC00332 and MMP-13 as a target gene was quantified in fresh frozen tissues obtained from GC patients. In addition, we investigated the potential function of LINC00332 in silico and in vitro. Results The expressions of LINC00332 and MMP-13 were significantly downregulated and upregulated in GC tissues, respectively. A significant inverse correlation between LINC00332 and MMP-13 mRNA expression was observed in tumor samples. The mRNA expression level of mesenchymal markers, stem cell factors, and MMP genes were significantly decreased after the LINC00332 ectopic expression, while epithelial markers expression was significantly increased. The LINC00332 overexpression markedly repressed proliferation, migration, and invasion and did not induce apoptosis in AGS cells. In addition, LINC00332 overexpression notably promoted the E-cadherin protein expression. Moreover, LINC00332 significantly decreased the cisplatin resistance. Conclusion Our findings indicated that LINC00332 may be a critical anti-EMT factor and provided a new efficient therapeutic strategy for GC treatment.


, Gastric cancer Long non, coding RNA RNA, sequencing WGCNA LINC00332
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