Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, Volume (28), No (7), Year (2021-12) , Pages (4357-4372)

Title : ( A Literature Review on Dynamic Analysis of Concrete Gravity and Arch Dams )

Authors: Mohaamad Rezaiee Pajand , M. S. Kazemiyan , Ahmad Aftabi Sani ,

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This paper is devoted to a literature review for various treatments of dynamic analysis of concrete gravity and arch dams. The dynamic analysis of dams can be carried out by using analytical, semi-analytical, and numerical approaches, which may include nonlinear effects or ignore them. This kind of analysis can be conducted in the time or frequency domain. Different parameters significantly affect the dynamic behavior of dams, such as dam-water interaction, water compressibility, mass and damping of the foundation, sediments at the reservoir bottom, free surface waves, the infinite length of the foundation rock, reservoir and so on. As the analysis methods of dams developed, these parameters were gradually included in the process. Consequently, their capability enhanced in a more realistic investigation of the dams\\\' behavior. This paper aims to illustrate these achievements by briefly reviewing the available published articles. Corresponding researches are categorizing based on the analysis techniques and considering or neglecting the dam-water interaction, sediments, and free surface motions. Assessing the current studies and suggesting future research are carried out. Expressing positive or negative aspects of the existing investigations are also offered.


, Dynamic Analysis, Concrete Gravity Dam, Concrete Arch Dam
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