SPORT TK-Revista EuroAmericana de Ciencias del Deporte, Volume (11), No (2), Year (2022-2) , Pages (1-19)

Title : ( Analytical Study of Economic Effects of Elderly Sports in Iran )

Authors: Lida Moazzen ahmadi , Hassan Fahim Devin , Zahra Sadat Mirzazadeh , Hossein Peymanizad ,

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The aim of this study was to analyze the economic effects of senior sports in Iran. The present study is an applied research that the qualitative research method has been used in order to answer the basic research question. The research is based on grounded theory applying the emerging method attributed to Glaser (1992). The statistical population consists of all professors of sports management, sociology, psychology, municipal managers and researchers (with at least two scientific research articles in the field of research). Since the purpose of qualitative sampling is information saturation; therefore, the combined theoretical sampling method of the improbably purposeful type was used until the theoretical saturation was achieved. For this purpose, 15 people were selected as the research sample. Acceptability, transferability and verifiability indices were used to determine validity. In order to evaluate the reliability of the interviews, the method of intra-subject agreement of two coders (evaluators) was used, which finally an open test reliability of 80% was reported. Findings showed that the mean age of the research sample was 48 years. 75% of the samples were men. The average career background of the participants was 22.5 years and 80% of them held a Ph.D. degree. The results showed that the economic effects of elderly sports were divided into two categories: micro and macro. The macro level consisted of the two concepts of increasing GDP (5 signs) and private sector investment (3 signs). The micro level consisted of the two concepts of quantitative and qualitative improvement of production inputs (6 signs) and reduction of treatment costs (8 signs).


Elderly Sports; Economic Effects; Qualitative Method
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