Ocean Engineering, ( ISI ), Volume (244), Year (2022-1) , Pages (110192-110202)

Title : ( Turbulent transient boundary layer over a flat plate )

Authors: Mehrnoosh Kharghani , Mahmoud Pasandidehfard , Mohammad Naeimirad ,

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A numerical study of accelerating turbulent flow over ERCOFTAC flat-plate T3A is represented. Four uniform accelerations are applied to an initially fully turbulent steady flow. The γ-SST turbulence model is adopted to determine the boundary layer development, analysis of turbulence structures, and the wall functions response in the presence of external acceleration. It is observed that imposing higher momentum rates influence the boundary layer thickness. Furthermore, enforced accelerations can change the shape of eddies and make them more stretched. Phase delay in turbulence propagation of accelerated flows is the same as in previous studies. However, the quality and quantity of turbulence phase delay in two streamwise and wall-normal directions are investigated and compared with available experimental and numerical problems. It is perceived that the amount of delay for each distinct acceleration, alongside the plate and at a specific distance from the wall, is almost the same. Whereas, in the normal direction, the delay is variable and emanates from the physical eddies shape. Moreover, acceleration affects the outer region more severely than the near-wall region.


Turbulence; Acceleration; Boundary Layer; Flat Plate; phase delay; Relaminarization
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