Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, Volume (14), No (2), Year (2022-5) , Pages (167-208)

Title : ( Porphyrin-based metal–organic frameworks: focus on diagnostic and therapeutic applications )

Authors: naime hasanzade , Mohammad Ramezani , Amir SHokooh Saljooghi , Mona Alibolandi ,

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As a hybrid material, metal organic frameworks (MOFs) contain unique characteristics for biomedical applications such as high porosity, large surface area, different crystalline morphologies, and nanoscale dimensions. These frameworks are assembled through the interconnection of organic linkers with metal nodes, while the engineering of an MOF for biomedical applications requires versatile linkers with acceptable symmetry. Porphyrin, as an organic linker with interesting photochemical and photophysical properties, attracted the attention of many for engineering the potent multifunctional porphyrinic metal organic frameworks (PMOFs). In this regard, a large number of approaches were conducted for designing robust practical PMOFs with a wide range of applications. In this review, we introduced another perspective of MOFs and coordination polymers constructed from porphyrinic linkers with a special focus on those synthesized by meso-tetrakis (4-carboxyphenyl) porphyrin (TCPP). In the following, we summarized and discussed the different types of PMOFs and their biomedical applications in terms of diagnostic agent, therapeutic platform, and drug delivery vehicle.


, Porphyrin‑based metal–organic frameworks, diagnostic, therapeutic
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