IEEE Access, Volume (10), No (1), Year (2022-1) , Pages (70329-70341)

Title : ( Reordering and Partitioning of Distributed Quantum Circuits )

Authors: davood dadkhah , Mariam Zomorodi-Moghadam , Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini , PAWEL PLAWIAK , XUJUAN ZHOU ,

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A new approach to reduce the teleportation cost and execution time in Distributed Quantum Circuits (DQCs) was proposed in the present paper. DQCs, a well-known solution, have been applied to solve the problem of maintaining a large number of qubits next to each other. In the distributed quantum system, the qubits are transferred to another subsystem by a quantum protocol like teleportation. Hence, a novel method was proposed to optimize the number of teleportation and to reduce the execution time for generating DQC. To this end, rst, the quantum circuit was reordered according to the qubits placement to improve the computational execution time, and then the quantum circuit was modeled as a graph. Finally, we combined the genetic algorithm (GA) and the modied tabu search algorithm (MTS) to partition the graph model in order to obtain a distributed quantum circuit aimed at reducing the number of teleportation costs. A signicant reduction in teleportation cost (TC) and execution time (ET) was obtained in benchmark circuits. In particular, we performed a more accurate optimization than the previous approaches, and the proposed approach yielded the best results for several benchmark circuits


, Quantum computing, distributed quantum circuit, optimization, genetic algorithm, teleportation.
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