ISTA Seed Symposium , 2022-11-02

Title : ( Organic seed production of pepper (Capsicum annuum) )

Authors: Mohammad Khajeh Hosseini , Farnoush Fallahpour , mostafa cheshmi , Zahra Yazdi ,

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Consumer awareness of potential risks of agro-chemicals used in conventional agriculture has expanded the organic production of different crops including vegetables worldwide. Therefore, increased organic seed production is needed to fulfil the demand. Seed production of pepper may be affected by farm and harvest management, including harvest time, but its organic seed production has not been considered much. This research compares organic and conventional seed production of pepper using transplanting. Three plant densities of 9, 6 and, 4.5 plants per metered square were planted in both an organic farming system as well as a conventional one in a complete block design with three replications. Growth analysis parameters such as CGR, NAR and LAI during the growing season were determined. Fruits were harvested in three different ripening stages of fruits (completely green, green/reddish and red) to assess quality of the produced seeds. Seed size, germination and vigour were assessed based on ISTA Rules. The quantities of produced seeds were also determined. The comparisons showed a high quality of seed production is possible in a well-managed organic pepper farm.


, conventional agriculture, growth analysis, ripening stage, seed quality
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