Journal of Chromatography A, ( ISI ), Volume (1689), No (1689), Year (2023-1) , Pages (463739-463739)

Title : ( Nanofiber-Based Sorbents: Current Status and Applications in Extraction Methods )

Authors: elham torabi farkhani , Milad Moghadasi , Masoud Mirzaei Shahrabi , Amirhassan Amiri ,

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Advanced sorbents gradually become a research hotspot on account of the increasing attention paid to environmental problems. Due to the prominent physicochemical features of nanofibers (NFs), such as high porosity, large surface area, favorable interconnectivity, high adsorption capacity, wettability, and the possibility of surface modification using functional groups, these nanostructures are regarded as excellent candidates for extraction applications. Therefore, the research in the field of NFs and their nanocomposites has been increasing in recent years. In the present review, we summarize the most recent studies on NFs-based sorbents focusing on strategies for preparation, characterization, and their unique capabilities as porous sorbents in various sorbent-based extraction methods. Moreover, we further described the performance and selectivity of sorbents to achieve improved extraction efficiency. Finally, some perspectives on the challenges and outlook are provided to aid future investigations related to this topic.


Nanofiber; Nanocomposite; Sorbent; Sample preparation; Extraction
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