Sports Business Journal, دوره (1), شماره (1), سال (2022-1) , صفحات (119-130)

عنوان : ( روابط میانزیرساختها،عوامل سازمانیو پیرامونیبازار صنعت ورزش ایران )

نویسندگان: ملیحه سادات آقایی , سیدمرتضی عظیم زاده ,
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Nowadays, exercise plays an essential role as economic activity in the economic development of different communities. In most countries, it is considered a trade and necessary industry. This industry is wideranging and has many sectors that can be recognized as an industry. Methodology: Researchers in this study using a researcher-made questionnaire with 71 items whose content validity and validity were confirmed by exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis test in SPSS software version 21, subsections, infrastructures and relationships between them and introduced a model for the Iranian sports industry. Findings: The two-way correlation of these infrastructures shows that other factors can grow and improve it with one weakness. Paying attention to this classification and their relationships creates a helpful platform for managers to make decisions. Based on the findings, managers can plan according to the interrelations of each subdivision. Originality: Researchers have introduced a new classification for the relationship between factors related to the sports industry by presenting a new perspective in this article, thus introducing a new basis for decisionmakers in the sports industry.

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Sports business  Market  Structural equations model 
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