Journal of Vibration Engineering Technologies, Volume (12), No (1), Year (2024-1) , Pages (649-665)

Title : ( Thermal Frequency Analysis of Double CNT-Reinforced Polymeric Straight Beam )

Authors: Moein Alreza Ghandehari , Amirreza Masoodi , Subrata Kumar Panda ,

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Purpose This paper reported the modeling steps of coupled beam nanocomposite system and its fundamental frequency characteristics. The model has been derived for two straight coupled beams (made of carbon nanotube, CNT) as the continuous transitional springs, including a middle elastic layer. Methods The effective properties of the beam components are evaluated based on the well-known rule of mixture. Additionally, to achieve the generality of the material distribution, various configurations of CNT have been adopted in the current model through the thickness of the structure. The main objective of the present study is to evaluate the effect of material temperature dependency on the frequency parameter of the nanocomposite double beam system. The structural model has been derived mathematically using the robust lower-order theory (first-order shear deformation, FSDT) to compute the eigenvalues without hampering the degree of solution accuracies. The nanotube properties are also considered to be temperature-dependent (TD). The final eigenvalues are computed via a semi-analytical approach, namely generalized differential quadrature (GDQ) approach. Results First, the natural frequencies of homogenous beam system are compared with the results of frequency parameter available in the literature. Then, the fundamental frequencies of the coupled beam system have been computed analytically for different structural input parameters (material properties, end constraints of full structure and middle elastic layer) to showcase the effect individual and/or combined conditions with and without the influence of temperature. Conclusion The final outcomes are revealed in detail for different input parameters and the subsequent outcomes.


, Natural frequency; Carbon Nano, Tube (CNT); Straight coupled beam; Thermal, dependency; GDQM
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