International Journal of Social Economics, Volume (50), No (8), Year (2023-8) , Pages (1038-1059)

Title : ( Financial inclusion through FinTech and women's financial empowerment )

Authors: Hadi Esmaeilpour Moghadm , Arezoo Karami ,

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Purpose – Women’s financial empowerment (WFE) is one of the sustainable development goals. This research examines the effect of financial inclusion through FinTech (FIF) on WFE at the international level. The purpose of this paper is to address this issue. Design/methodology/approach – The authors analyze the dataset of 113 countries from the Global Findex (2017) and World Bank databases using principal component analysis (PCA) and cross-sectional data methodology. Initially, they calculate the overall index for FIF with PCA. Then, they investigate the effect of FIF on WFE in two groups of countries classified by low and high levels of gender discrimination. Findings – The results show that the relationship between FIF and WFE is positive and significant in countries classified by low levels of gender discrimination. However, this effect is insignificant in countries with high gender discrimination. Hence, gender inequality is a barrier and denies financial independence to women. Research limitations/implications – Given these results, it seems unlikely that FinTech will be able to eliminate the gender gap in financial inclusion on its own for women’s empowerment. To directly address the gender gap and alter attitudes and social norms across demographics, FinTech development may need to be supplemented with focused policy initiatives. Originality/value – This study provides evidence of FIF’s impact on WFE at the international level.


, Women’s financial empowerment, FinTech, Financial inclusion, Gender discrimination
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