Wireless Personal Communications, ( ISI ), Volume (129), No (4), Year (2023-4) , Pages (2525-2561)

Title : ( Speech Emotion Recognition: A Comprehensive Survey )

Authors: Mohammed AL Dujaili , Abbas Ebrahimi Moghadam ,

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Speech emotion recognition could be considered a new topic in speech processing where he plays that plays an essential role in human interaction. Emotions are a king of speech that recognizes the three signifcant aspects of designing the speech emotion recognition system. This article reviews the work on speech emotion recognition and is helpful for further research. Firstly, speech emotion recognition databases are described for evaluating system performance. Secondly, the choice of feature is presented in the speech representa‑ tion. And third is the design of a suitable class. While the section fourth explains the mul‑ tiple classifer system and its impact on system. In the ffth part of the article, we review the most important challenges in the system speech emotion recognition. The fnal results obtained from the system function and its constraints are discussed, and we provide direc‑ tions to improve speech emotion recognition systems.


, Speech, Emotion recognition, Feature extraction, Feature reduction, Classifcation, Classifcation composition
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