Vehicular Communications, Volume (42), No (2023), Year (2023-8) , Pages (100604-100630)

Title : ( A comprehensive survey on using fog computing in vehicular networks )

Authors: Kobra Behravan , Nazbanoo Farzaneh , Mohsen Jahanshahi , Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno ,

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With the advent of fog computing, its use to provide real-time services at the network\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s edge has increased. However, running computationally-demanding applications in smart vehicles is constrained by the limited storage and computation capacity and energy consumption of the vehicles. A suitable solution is to offload the applications demanding massive processing to a conventional centralized cloud which wastes huge bandwidth and increases the delay. The number of smart vehicles is expected to increase in the future; there is a need for new technology such as fog computing (FC) to meet unique requirements such as QoS, resource management, and heterogeneity in vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANET). FC brings computation and storage resources to the edge of vehicles enabling them to run the highly-demanding applications in the smart vehicles while meeting strict delay requirements. This survey focuses on different applications, architectures, technical issues, and significant performance metrics using FC in vehicular network. Finally, open issues and future directions are discussed.


, Fog computing (FC) Quality of service (QoS) Vehicular ad, hoc networks (VANET)
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