Physics of the Dark Universe, Volume (42), No (42), Year (2023-12) , Pages (101360-101371)

Title : ( T2- inflation: Sourced by energy–momentum squared gravity )

Authors: Seyed Ali Hosseini Mansoori , Fereshteh Felegary , Mahmood Roshan , Ozgur Akarsu , Mohammad Sami ,

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In this paper, we examine chaotic inflation within the context of the energy-momentum squared gravity (EMSG) focusing on the energy-momentum powered gravity (EMPG) that incorporates the functional $f(\\\\mathbb{T}^2)\\\\propto (\\\\mathbb{T}^2)^{\\\\beta}$ in the Einstein-Hilbert action, in which $\\\\beta$ is a constant and $\\\\mathbb{T}^2\\\\equiv T_{\\\\mu \\\\nu}T^{\\\\mu \\\\nu}$ where $T_{\\\\mu \\\\nu}$ is the energy-momentum tensor, which we consider to represent a single scalar field with a power-law potential. We also demonstrate that the presence of EMSG terms allows the single-field monomial chaotic inflationary models to fall within current observational constraints, which are otherwise disfavored by Planck and BICEP/Keck findings. We show that the use of a non-canonical Lagrangian with chaotic potential in EMSG can lead to significantly larger values of the non-Gaussianity parameter, $f_{\\\\rm Nl}^{\\\\rm equi}$ whereas EMSG framework with canonical Lagrangian gives rise to results similar to those of the standard single-field model.


, Energy, Momentum, Squared, Gravity
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