Journal of Magnesium and Alloys, Volume (4), No (2), Year (2016-6) , Pages (89-98)

Title : ( Texture evaluation in warm deformation of an extruded Mg–6Al–3Zn alloy )

Authors: M. Kavyani , GHolam Reza Ebrahimi , M. Sanjari , M. Haghshenas ,

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To assess the effect of strain and strain rate on texture evolution of an extruded Mg–6Al–3Zn alloy, compression tests were carried out. Samples were prepared in the extrusion direction (ED) and normal direction (ND). The compression tests were performed at 250 °C and with different strain rates of 0.01 sec−1 and 1 sec−1 and different strains. Microstructural observation and texture investigation show that at early stages of deformation, extension twins lead to the development of strong basal texture intensity along rolling direction (RD) in ED samples and contraction twins result in texture evolution along transverse direction (TD) in ND samples. Also, microstructural investigation at high strains reveals that dynamic recrystallization occurs in both samples and consequently the basal texture intensity has been decreased.


Extruded magnesium alloyDeformation textureTwinningRecrystallization
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