Physical Review A, ( ISI ), Volume (109), No (1), Year (2024-1)

Title : ( Measurement sharpness and disturbance tradeoff )

Authors: Nayere Saberian , Seyed Javad Akhtarshenas , Fereshte Shahbeigi ,

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Obtaining information from a quantum system through a measurement typically disturbs its state. The postmeasurement states for a given measurement, however, are not unique and highly rely on the chosen measurement model, complicating the puzzle of information disturbance. Two distinct questions are then in order. First, what is the minimum disturbance a measurement may induce? Second, when a fixed disturbance occurs, how informative is the possible measurement in the best-case scenario? Here we propose various approaches to tackle these questions and provide explicit solutions for the set of unbiased binary qubit measurements and postmeasurement state spaces that are equivalent to the image of a unital qubit channel. In particular, we show there are different tradeoff relations between the sharpness of this measurement and the average fidelity of the premeasurement and postmeasurement state spaces as well as the sharpness and quantum resources preserved in the postmeasurement states in terms of coherence and discordlike correlation once the measurement is applied locally.


, Quantum measurement, Incompatibility, channel-measurement compatibility, sharpness-disturbance tradeoff
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