Acta parasitologica, Volume (69), No (1), Year (2024-2) , Pages (664-674)

Title : ( Parasites of Stray Cats in Iran: A Parasitological and Histopathological Study )

Authors: Amin Ahmadi , Ahmad Oryan , Soodeh Alidadi ,

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Many zoonotic parasitic diseases, including Toxocara cati may be spread by stray cat populations. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of parasites by performing parasitological and histopathological examinations on stray cats in Shiraz, Iran. A total of 106 stray cats from different geographical areas of Shiraz, southern Iran, were examined for the presence of parasites. The overall prevalence was found to be 83.02% (88/106), and eight parasites were found. The parasites included three genera of cestodes [Joyeuxiella echinorhynoides (52.83%), Taenia taeniaeformis (21.70%), and Dipylidium caninum (1.89%)], three genera of nematodes [Physaloptera praeputialis (23.59%), Toxocara cati (15.09%), and Rictularia spp. (1.89%)], one protozoa [Isospora spp. (6.60%)], and one arthropod [Ctenocephalides felis (5.66%)]. The prevalence did not significantly differ between males and females. It did appear, nevertheless, that the age of cats may be regarded as a risk factor for these parasitic infections. The results of the present study showed that parasitic infections and, more importantly, T. cati are relatively prevalent in stray cats, and the people living in this area are at serious risk of this zoonotic disease. The cats in this region need to be monitored, and specific preventive measures should be developed by public health officials.


, Parasitology, Histopathology, Stray cat, Toxocara spp., Southern Iran
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