Journal of High Energy Physics, ( ISI ), Year (2002-12)

Title : slowly varying tahcyon and tachyon potential ( S-matrix elements and off-shell tachyon action with non-abelian gauge symmetry )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Garousi ,

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We propose that there is a unique expansion for the string theory S-matrix elements of tachyons that corresponds to non-abelian tachyon action. For those S-matrix elements which, in their expansion, there are the Feynman amplitudes resulting from the non-abelian kinetic term, we give a prescription on how to find the expansion. The gauge invariant action is an $\\\\\\\\alpha\\\\\\\'$ expanded action, and the tachyon mass $m$ which appears as coefficient of many different couplings, is arbitrary. We then analyze in details the S-matrix element of four tachyons and the S-matrix element of two tachyons and two gauge fields, in both bosonic and superstring theories, in favor of this proposal. In the superstring theory, the leading terms of the non-abelian gauge invariant couplings are in agreement with the symmetrised trace of the direct non-abelian generalization of the tachyonic Born-Infeld action in which the tachyon potential is consistent with $V(T)=e^{\\\\\\\\pi\\\\\\\\alpha\\\\\\\' m^2T^2}$. In the bosonic theory, on the other hand, the leading terms are those appear in superstring case as well as some other gauge invariant couplings which spoils the symmetrised trace prescription. These latter terms are zero in the abelian case.


, Bosonic strings, D-branes, Tachyon
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